An Introduction to the character of Mazzie

Mazzie started out as a series of drawings on Instagram created by the author during the lockdowns as a way to vicariously travel to some of the weirder corners of the world. Another aspect of it was a need for a humorous subversion of corporate culture and a polished “picture perfect” nature of social media. The idea of a ridiculous bare-ass cartoon mascot wandering through urban hells and desolate shopping malls put a smile on the author’s face.

Mazzie is an amalgam of various bits of pop culture - old cartoons and comic books, kaiju (particularly King Kong), sports mascots, Jeff Vandermeer’s Mord, and, yes, Muzzy in Gondoland. Yeah I know, we just revealed our age here.

Aside from the neat NFT cards in our first pack called Mazzie Takes America which aims to bring more awareness towards crypto and financial independence, the character can be utilized in different ways from avatars, animations, limited edition NFTs, comic books, and even adding new characters. We want to cultivate a community that will have a say in the development and direction of Mazzie’s story while expanding this silly universe. So follow us on Twitter and give us your thoughts!

You can check out all of our collections on Opensea!




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