Our first NFT collection — Mazzie Takes America

FUD all the way!

Who is Mazzie? Mazzie is a corporate mascot who got totally out of control. To be honest, he never wanted to be a part of a collective. He’s a free spirit, and would hate being called “a hero”. WTH is a hero anyway? He is not pretty, polite, or even decent. You certainly cannot call him your friend. He is the wild spirit of rebellion, an unfiltered voice, and a roaming degenerate.

You’ve probably never heard of him but he’s out there doing his shit. Important stuff, you know - exposing the FUD, sticking it to the Man one fart at a time. Fighting for your right to be truly free. You might not like him, but he’s all you got. Not exactly the hero you hoped for but the one that happened to be around.

Shush, no complaining now. He won’t be the one to save us but merely show us that crack where the light comes in. He’ll be there when it really matters! Or he won’t, time will tell.

Maybe coming to a state near you!

What we have here is the first collection of six NFTs, each one a unique image of Mazzie defacing a bank in the USA with graffiti (and sometimes with farts). But he won’t stop there! Follow Mazzie as he roams the continents. You should definitely not buy this, it’s totally silly. But if you’re a true degenerate, and we hope you are, follow the link below to check out the collection on Opensea!




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